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Year 6 Residential 2024

Last night at residential - Disco time! 


Olubisi (korede's mum) - Good morning my koko... I hope you slept well.. pls don't forget to pack all your things. also ask for help, to pack your things properly especially the sleeping bags... can't wait to see you. we are all counting the hours including your X BOX... safe journey...

Sophia - Grand rising year 6✨️

Wow! Looks like you had another fantastic day.

Reuben says 'i love you Luna & i'll see you later'

Have a great morning & a safe trip home

Big hugs from Mama😘

Olubisi (korede's mum) - Also Korede don't forget to pack all your things. pls go through the checklist. Peaceful night my love

Olubisi (korede's mum) - My sunshine koko, I am super proud you... You have done really super. words can't describe my excitement. I can't wait to give you a big bear hug.... You are truly, special, inspiring, the list is endless my darling. My sincere appreciation goes to Mr Jones, Miss Lisa , Miss Coyne and all year 6 , thanks for looking after Korede. can't wait to hear all the wonderful stories. counting the time now..

Rafal Sitarz - Hey Gabs, I just saw more pictures of you and gang. I can see you having great time.
Please don't forget to pack all your stuff tomorrow and keep your self warm 😊.
Love you.

Rafal Sitarz - Hi Gabi, well done for building that shelter I think you doing great job there. Have lots of fun in the last day. Cannot wait to see you.
Hugs and kisses.

Zaynab - Hi Rayyan I hope ur having lots of fun. Enjoy ur last day there. I’m bored without u 😭😭

Miss Hippolyte - Good afternoon Year 6, Mr Jones, Miss Coyne and Miss Lisa,
You look like you're having such an AMAZING time! Can't wait to see you all tomorrow and to hear about your adventures.
Enjoy your last evening.

Soraya's mum a.k.a Sherene - Hi Darling

Your doing absolutely amazing, I'm so proud of you.

Well done Banksy class, you've all smashed it this week so well done 👏.
Enjoy your last full day.

I hear there's a disco tonight. I've been practising all the tik tok dances so i can join in with you and your friends when you get back 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Love you darling and can't wait to see you ❤️

Rojin's family - Hi Rojin
Hope you are enjoying your trip. We all miss you. Tru miss you aswell. Have a good day.
See you tomorrow

Tara - Hey Zora, you started a 🔥! Well done. You can be in charge of starting the smores fire in North Carolina. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow. And if you tell me you did “nothing” on your residential I have the photos to show that’s not true. Love you very much. 💕

Rose (Soraya's Nan) - Well dne Soraya for taking part in all of the activities.
Looks like you are having the time of your life with all of your friend's.
See you very soon
Love from Nanny xx

Betty Enriquez - Hey Gabi, I hope you've had lots of fun in the forest this morning and your legs were not very cold🥶
Can't wait to see you tomorrow! X 😘

Cecilia - Wow! The kids are really doing fantastic.
Hey Kofi,
Your time is almost up.
Today is Your last day. Please remember to pack everything when leaving tomorrow.
We all miss you a lot
Auntie Theresa and Emmanuel sends their love. Enjoy your adventure.
Looking forward to see you tomorrow.
Love from mum and dad.

Karla - Cherry’s mum - We are bursting with pride for you. You have conquered every challenge thrown your way this year, whether in maths or tackling some of those daunting activities at PGL. Jacob's Ladder looked very scary!! You should hold your head high, knowing you've accomplished so much. We can't wait to see you tomorrow and hear all your stories. Love you so much 🖤
Mum & dad

Kimberley-D. - You are all Stars 🌟 born for Greatness , I am Super proud of you all!!

1 Bashie could never be another😊 (In my Jamaican language/ Patios) you looked cold this morning please wear as much layers to stay warm.

I miss calling you every 5mins to ask if you are OK and just to give you a hug, won’t be much longer haha…aunty Shyann say Hi and she can’t wait to hear all about your adventures.

Love ❤️ from Mama Bear my favourite daughter 😍🥰


Kelly and Paddy - Hi Linus,

Your bivouac looks great - all those forest school skills paying off! I hope you didn’t set fire to the forest! All of these survival skills are really going to help now you are going to be living on your own.

We have landed in Australia, we managed to get a huge house. I’m currently sat next to the pool with a cocktail in hand. Dad has taken up crocodile wrestling and is proving quite good.

I’ve left washing instructions by the machine for when you get back.

Love you lots!
Mum and Dad

We can face time tomorrow (be mindful of the time difference)

Matt - Hi Remster! So sorry to hear about your finger. Hope you are still having fun. Miss you and see you soon!

Ellen - Hey Remy - I'm sorry you've hurt your finger. I hope you are back in action soon and can enjoy the last full day. Love seeing all the pics of year 6 having a blast. Love mum

Papa C & Mickey for Zora - Zora
We can truly say you are the best granddaughter we have ever had. We miss you so very much and can’t wait to see you on Hilton Head Island in August. Enjoy your adventure!!!

The pool awaits your arrival

Lisa - Morning year 6. Thank you for letting me rest this morning, I hope you enjoy the jacobs ladder. X ❤️ well done 👏 to everyone of you, you are smashing it. X ❤️

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