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Your child is expected to attend school every day. If your child is absent, please telephone the office before 9am to let us know. This is to ensure that we fulfil our responsibilities in regard to pupil’s safety. You can leave a message on our answerphone if you wish to ring early before the office staff are in. If no call is received then the school will then telephone the parents to find out why the pupil is absent.

Parents are requested to ensure all medical and dental appointments are for outside school hours where at all possible. It is accepted that this may not always be possible, but please do try to keep them to a minimum.

Certificates are awarded to children with excellent school attendance.

There is a dedicated display to show weekly attendance for all year groups.

Holidays in Term Time

You do not legally have the right to take your child on holiday during term time. The school will not authorise any holiday taken in school time, and you may be issued with a penalty notice and could be fined up to £60.

No holiday will be authorised during term time

Why attendance matters...