In partnership with
In partnership with

Staff List

You will see from the lists below that our teachers and staff often double up to perform a number of roles, as we are a small school.

Our teaching staff are available to discuss issues with you, either informally in the playground (if you can get a moment with them!), or, more reliably, by booking an appointment with them. If you wish to do this, please contact the school office team, who will be happy to help.

Senior Leadership Team

Robin Warren
Executive Head Teacher and Deputy DSL

Anna Lucey
Head of School and Teaching and Learning Lead

Jennifer Hippolyte
Assistant Headteacher and SENDCO

Jatin Shamji
Federation School Business Leader

Class Teachers

Sarah Lynch
Nursery & Reception Teacher - Kusama Class

Amy Coyne
Year 1 Teacher and Early Reading & Phonics Leader - Rizzi Class

Jennifer Hippolyte
Year 2 Teacher - Kahlo Class

Sinead Miller
Year 3 Goldsworthy Class

Nasima Ephraim
Kandinsky Class (Y4 & Y5) and Maths Leader

Owain Jones
Y6 Bansky Class and Humanities Leader

Debbie Kessie
Cover Teacher

Teuta Krueziu
Support Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Sheila Fagan
Learning Support Assistant

Ariza Hoque
Learning Support Assistant

Jade Clark
Learning Support Assistant

Jacqueline Riviere
Learning Support Assistant

Lisa Wakefield
Learning Support Assistant

Joanne Holmes
Learning Support Assistant

Karen Smith
Lunchtime Supervisor & Extended Schools Worker

Glenette Wilson
Early Years Educator

Extended Day

Miss Prisca Ahwireng

Glenette Wilson

Administrative and Finance Team

Joshua Suckram
Office Manager

Anouchka Ntezimana
Office Assistant

Partnership Support

Everton Harewood
Premises Support

Simeon Grant
PE Coach

Shahina Khanam
Finance & Systems Support

Ebenezer Opalemo