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Goodbye Message to our Year 6 Class of 2023


Aoki - Thank you for my time in that school it’s been a lovely experience I’d like to give massive thanks to Miss Bolton who helped everyone through the stressful SAT’s and for having her door open during residential.
But thanks to everyone that had taught me from Nursery- Year 6

Michelle - Thank you to all the staff at Colvestone throughout the years.It's an end of an era for me,23 years of school runs at Colvestone.special thanx to miss bolton, you are a superstar,Lisa for always bieng there and Miss hippolyte for overseeing harrisen's sen(HCP) Thanx to all harrisens teachers from nursery to year 6.Good luck Miss bolton in your new home and Job.

Harrisen - Thank you to all the Colvestone teachers and staff for teaching me and helping me through some difficult times and challenges.

Harrisen - Hello Miss Bolton,
Thank you for being my teacher. I hope your happy in your new home and you enjoy teaching at your new school, I will really miss you.😢.Good luck😃

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